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Do you remember who you were

Dr. Pat Gay, African-American psychotherapist and artist

For over thirty years, I have practiced clinical psychology at the intersection of race, gender, class and sexuality.


Influenced profoundly and professionally by Lula Johnson (my grandmother and a Texas sharecropper), Audre Lorde, Clarissa Pincola Estes and the mentorship of Malidoma Somé, my work draws from a rich well of ancient healing traditions integrated with first world and new world modalities.

These traditions also breathe life into my art, from bronze, ceramic and assemblage sculptures, to travel books, clothing, jewelry and furniture design. Nature and the ancestors are my guides and inspirations, and the channel is always open. Through that channel, over the course of decades, has emerged my current multimedia project, The People Are the Mystics, a collective remembering of who we are as everyday mystics.

Ultimately, this reclamation of our true identities and legacies is the journey that my practice, my art and my life are weaving. It is an ever-unfolding conversation between clinician and client, between vision and revelation, between my soul and yours.

Patricia Gay, PsyD, Psychologist

California License #PSY 15271

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