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African-American woman, in Soul-centered Psychotherapy
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Beyond shame and stress, sorrow and pain,

You’ve come here seeking something:

Relief, perhaps. Understanding. Guidance. Meaning. Or maybe a way back to your true and unlimited self. Whatever the catalyst, know that in the seeking, you are answering your soul’s longing for expression and expansion. And your journey towards healing and wholeness has already begun.

Why Soul-centered Psychotherapy?

In times of crisis or transition, when all sense of safety and certainty is stripped away, you may, quite naturally, fight to hold onto it. But simultaneously, a deeper impulse—a soul power—arises, just waiting for you to let go, to erupt into a life rich with purpose and passion.

Soul-centered Psychotherapy recognizes and harnesses your soul power: your inherent magnificence, resilience, and ability to heal, create and thrive. It is a commitment to remembering and restoring your connection to your deepest knowing—the wellspring of your healing.


Having traversed this wilderness of initiation and emerged with medicine, I am here to facilitate the conversation between your soul and your struggles, your wisdom and your wounds, as it points the way to radical well-being.

Who can benefit from Soul-centered Psychotherapy?

People from every generation—teens to elders—from all backgrounds and orientations, can find healing and fulfillment through Soul-centered Psychotherapy. I work with individuals through distressing events, complex traumas, life transitions and ongoing explorations of inner space.

What to expect:

In our sessions, we will:

  • Begin by developing a clear picture of your current distress.

  • Ground you in the story of your instinct and intuition, dreams and passions, gifts and belonging.

  • Hold that story as a touchstone for the truth as we explore your grief, anger and anxieties.

  • Allow your soul’s desire and genius to offer guidance on your healing journey.


Along the way, we may incorporate EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and somatic techniques like TRM (the Trauma Resiliency Model), with conventional talk therapy, as appropriate to your specific needs and aspirations.

Sessions are conducted virtually using state-of-the-art, encrypted software for complete privacy and security.

Schedule a free consultation:

There is something in every one of you that waits and listens for the sound of the genuine in yourself. It is the only true guide you will ever have. 

— Howard Thurman

Patricia Gay, PsyD, Psychologist: California License #PSY 15271

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