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telling treasured, secret stories,


They beguile and bewilder,

This collection was created following a dream invitation to develop tangible, artistic representations of the spiritual wealth offered by the dream world. The galleries that follow are organized into six chapters, allowing pieces to be arranged according to the medicine they carry.

Each dream mask is about 3/4 life size.  They are high fire glazed, with stains and low fire glaze added to some as an additional layer.  As a third layer, a few have white and yellow gold and copper lusters applied. In addition, there may be elemental attachments such as glass beads, semi-precious stones, bones, seeds, pods, seashells, fossils, feathers, and other objects.

Prices range $350 – $650.  Feel free to contact me for additional information.

Photos by Sara MacFarlane.

Allies, Ancestors, and Shamen

They brought outrageous elegance, a love of the sacred, and a commitment to creating an inspired future.

Chants, Songs, and Symbols

They came singing and chanting, line dancing, and flashing radiant tattoos.

Cosmos, Creation, and Nature

These folks brought outrageous elegance, and a love of the sacred.