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Remember who you are.

Life is not to teach us.

It is to remind us.

Discover Soul-centered Psychotherapy:

Dr. Patricia Gay, an African-American psychotherapist and artist

We are walking each other through an age of chaos and consciousness, resistance and revelation. With every layer that falls away, we get closer to rediscovering the truth of who we are—as human beings, as spirit beings, as community.

In service to remembering and embodying your full power and magnificence, my work as a psychologist aligns healing strategies with your soul's natural will toward wholeness. I hope this space will be a portal for us to connect, collaborate and fan the flame of inner knowing and healing potential.

Soul-centered Psychotherapy:
A deeper healing.

I was reluctant to revisit the past, but I wanted to heal it more than I wanted to run from it. This therapy changed my life. I am now living in my truth, and I can see my future unfolding.


— Kwon

What if reality is the altered state,

and the mystical is home?

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Discover the dreams behind the masks:

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